iTunes Clean Up: How to Remove Duplicate Songs in iTunes

This article will show you how to remove duplicate songs in iTunes library, as well as how to repair misspelled songs, artists, album artworks, etc. using Wondershare TidyMyMusic.

Step 1: Import iTunes Music Files

Wondershare TidyMyMusic has elegant and intuitive interface. There are 2 tabs on the left: Tidy iTunes and Tidy Music. In Tidy iTunes tab, the program works seamlessly with iTunes. All iTunes music will be automatically imported and show up in the file tray.

Remove Duplicate Songs in iTunes

Step 2: Scan Duplicate Songs in iTunes

Make sure the Search for Duplicate Songs option is checked and then click the Scan button on top to start scanning duplicate songs in iTunes library.

Scan Duplicate Songs in iTunes

Step 3: Remove iTunes Duplicate Songs

When scanning finished, duplicate songs will be grouped together in the Duplicated Songs tab. There click a group to show all duplicates so you can decide to remove which one. Usually the music file with higher quality will be marked with a tick, while the lower quality one a cross. Press the Dedupe button at bottom to remove the cross-marked songs to Trash.

Remove Duplicate Songs in iTunes

Fix Mislabeled Songs: The unidentified songs will be scanned if you also check the option. The music information will be retrieved from the remote database. Go to the Identified Songs tab and select a song to check it ID3 tags. If all the information is right, click Apply at bottom to save song information to the music file.

Remove iTunes Duplicates and Correct Music Info Now.